Hi guys.i have updated the wilson pacesetter A train to version as i have doe some more work on it.what work i have done on it i will explain it here and photo,s are gonna come with this update also.what i have done with the trailer is i have given the base color 3 new color formats which are 3 new candy colors to choose from and they are ,candy Red,candy Blue and candy Green along with the standard base colors.

2.I have given the rims 11 candy color formats to choose from but i wont mention them all here as u can take it from the photos what they are for colors. candy yellow,candy red,candy purple just to mention a few of those.
credits as usual goes to stephan beran,custom modding,M.wohlmayer.

hope you have fun with the new version and post comments if you like the new color schemes.
log is error free

Stephan Beran,custom modding,M wohlmayer.

DOWNLOAD FS19_Wilson_ATrain.zip – 7.0 MB

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