This is a edit of Westbridge Hills map from FS2015. I have added the Lumber Mill, changed and deleted some fields. The Lumber train and the grain train are working as they should, the grain train works from the train station. Added food storage sheds (futterlager) to the cow area and water mod.
Improved starter fleet and added a field so you now start with two fields. Changed and added buildings to house your fleet under cover and removed some building that had no use. I have tested the map for several days and all so far works as it should. Sorry I cannot test multi play and hope you can tell me if it works ok.

Giants, Mahru, JohnDeere1952

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3 Responses

  1. sergei.best888 says:

    Conveyor woodChips does not work, you do not fix the same version and set.

  2. sergei.best888 says:

    Conveyor woodChips does not work. Why the same fill, nothing fixed.

  3. Jonas says:

    What’s that yellow truck with 2 trailers on the first pic, where do I get it? thanks

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