Volvo FH 750 Grumier V 1.0

volvo-fh-750-grumier (1)

volvo-fh-750-grumier (2)

volvo-fh-750-grumier (3)


Instructions: X to activate the crane,
Num 4 for anti fog,
NUM 7 to view the crane operator.

ETS2: Mr.Green/Sib3rius/Ventyres/Micha-BF3


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7 Responses

  1. Svarthrind says:

    Nice mods. Do you know where i can get the volvo timberloader (on the second picture)?

  2. Arnaud says:

    bonjour, merci mour le mod, parcontre je ne trouve pas les remorques

    beau detail, bon travail

  3. Topklussert says:

    Nice one… Do you also know where i can find the trailers from the pictures, or is it in this download?

  4. eddie says:

    Hallo. Where can i find the trailers?

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