This is a modified T4-40 harvester and header setup. Made the headers 16.7m wide and foldable. Added potato and sugarcane to the beet harvester and made seperate headers for all 3 crops. Added decals to the back of all the headers to help tell them apart. Raised the capacity on the T4-40 to 60,000 and speed the working speed of the headers up to 12mph/20kph.

This Pack includes:
– HOLMER HR 12 16.7m Sugarbeet (Combine)
– HOLMER HR 12 16.7m Cotton (Combine)
– HOLMER HR 12 16.7m Potato (Combine)
– HOLMER HR 12 16.7m Sugarcane (Combine)
– HOLMER Terra Dos T4-40 MultiFruit (Harvester)
– HOLMER Terra Dos T4-40 Cotton (Harvester)
– WILSON Pacesetter Custom (Multifruit trailer)
– SCHUITEMAKER SIWA 720 Custom (Multifruit trailer)

Made a separate T4-40 harvester and header setup just for cotton.

Lowered the price of the T4-40 cotton harvester to be were when the header is bought with it it is slightly cheaper than the ingame cotton harvester.

On the cotton harvester there is no unloading effect from the belt as giants never ment cotton to be a loose product like made it.

Modified a semi trailer and a trailer designed to be pulled by a tractor to hual all the crops that the pack can harvest.

Change Log: (v16.12.19.1)
– Fixed a few warnings/errors that were brought to the attention.

Change Log: (v23.11.19.1)
– Added 2 new capacity options fo 100k and 200k
– Added a new engine option with a max speed of 64 kph or 39 mph
– Adjusted the tip speed so that the higher capacity options done take as long to tip.

Change Log: (v1.14.19)
– Fixed the capacity being set to small on the pacesetter trailer. It is now set to the correct 100,000 capacity.

Change Log: (v1.13.19.1)
– Fixed a couple more index not found errors that missed.

Change Log: (v1.13.19)
– Fixed an issue with a index not found error as well as fixing the pacesetter to have cotton in the first compartment like it should of had to begin with

NcRaiders, Giants


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