Trailer Cat (A)




Hello here I bring you the trailer legendary cat FS13, original Getsome2030 alone what happens to FS15, I regret the color. can capacity of 12 m3 or 120.000 liters and carries maize barley chaff potato sugarbeet forage grass silage manure windrow dryGrass windrow wheat barley windrow windrow woodchips.

original Getsome2030 Fs13 alone what happens to FS15


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7 Responses

  1. madatij says:

    FYI: There is a button on your keyboard that says “Print screen” (usually right after the F12). It is used to capture a image of your screen (screenshot). You press it and then you go to paint and paste it in and you save the image.

  2. wilko says:

    unable to make a roadtrain with this tralier the dolly doesnt contect from the back like it use to in fs13

  3. PubstarxTom says:

    Hell, i’d rather know what truck that is. It’s about time i see a dual rear axle truck in the game other than half-arse made kenworth’s and peterbilt’s.

  4. butchukoy says:

    how to make a roadtrain with this trailer?

  5. butchukoy says:

    how to roadtrain with this trailer

  6. ha77 says:

    Game freeze when you try to wash it. You have to release it if you want to wash your truck 🙁

  7. Malaras says:

    This still working for 1.2 patch for everyone else? Isn’t for me

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