Tiefenstau is a farm in North Hesse.
Here is the depth congestion 1.0 BETA

Some will already know the map from the 17th, now we have finally managed to bring the map for the 19er to download. I ask you to read the description thoroughly, so that many questions are already clarified.

– What is there on the map?
– 2 BGA’s.
– 2 yards.
– Many meadows & fields.
– Detailed & realistic nature.

I would like to thank all the modders / scripters who made the whole models:

Vertex Dezign: Machine shop, grain hall, grain warehouse, half timbered shed, lime storage, shelter
Steffen30muc: machine dealer Müller, shelter
NKB Modding: Fermenter
LS-ModCompany Various objects
Nick981 objects

Map by dopsemodding & moritz-kullmann Objekte: VertexDezign LS-ModCompany Steffen30muc Nick981

DOWNLOAD FS19_Tiefenstau.zip – 463.8 MB

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