Update 1.2 removed name on side of Tanker and removed wheel chocks. the previous version 1.0 Tanker holds 90000 fuel, herbicide, liquid fertilizer, 75000 water, 90000 milk, 90000 liquid manure where before only hold 7300 also fixed the springs where they can hold the weight for the realistic weight mod and made it where it pumps out quicker.

MODEL FROM 18 WOS HAULIN Ivan (hardtruckisthebest), Chris1, Bora and Steven. CONVERSION TO FS 2015 Catfish_John1979 Scripting Catfish_John1979 Converted to fs19 and other modificaztions by Ray Fulford AKA Rump Shaker other modifications to tanker and scripts by Direknight

DOWNLOAD FuelTanker.zip – 9.2 MB

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