Hello LS gambler
Today I can offer you the update of the Tanco cultivation bale wrapper!
To be used on the front / rear hydraulics, front loader or telehandler.
I think the mod is explained by principle alone.
A big thank you goes to TSL Landtechnick for the release!
For the revision is said so much that Sven has pre-delivered me with the attachments for front loader and telescopic loader.
I had pulled the winder on it in Blender and made a few refinements, as well as the animation adjusted something, so that the wrapping arm behind instead of standing in front.
For this I have the ambition packed to add the foil color choice and winder color choice.
Yes, with the Dynamic Hoses I like to build a where I can.
Last but not least. Have fun with the mod as always!

BR Mod Performance/TheSteyr958,Beda6,TSL,Sven

DOWNLOAD FS17BR_TancoAutowrap1510EHDH_V2.zip – 9.9 MB

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