4 Comments on “Stiffi Map FS 15 V 1.0”

  1. Wow very nice map, i just finished driving around it and i do like what i see. The pros are everything is marked out for the player and a few new mods on top. The only real con i see it that the farm is a tad crowded with buildings being a bit too close to the roads but that more a personal opinion. I do have one question, can the water tank in the cattle pen filled? is it usable? I ask cause there does not seem to be a way to get close enough to fill it.

  2. My personal favourite, great map. Anyway, i think sheep fences are too close to field no.29, the worker harvesting there would get stuck on them for sure. Also, help icons are wrong. For example, when i got to silos icon, it shows help for telephone etc.. And one thing, you can store grass, straw everything, thats great, love it. BUT, i cant know how much do i have stored. otherwise, great map and cant wait for further improvements.

  3. BORRE it is a zip file you do not have to unzip it. just dump it in the mods folder.

    Played the map for awhile and was unset that the store delivery feature pretty much put implements in the the sheep pen. Hard to hitch them up… possible but annoying. second problem is all the ? helpful hints are out of place, not a big deal. one problem i have come across is you cannot dump straw in the cattle pen with the Kune straw spreader no matter what i did it would not work.

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