The update includes the following changes:
– Daytime running lights installed in the form of “Angeleyes” and “Angelwings”
– 5 decorative roof lights installed
– Tire pressure system now permanently installed globally (for ALL installed tire types)
(the selectable variant was not compatible with the AddConfig script and
some elements could not be colored)
– 20 selectable tire types installed (Trelleborg, Michelin, Mitas, Nokian)
– 6 different rotating lights to choose from
– Main display fixed (no longer flickers when driving)
– Passenger script installed (requires Universal Passenger from the Modhub)
– Engine configuration “6300 Turbo” now with 750 PS (resulted from the wishes of the community)

in version (beta version)
The following color choices are possible:
– hood color
– gill color (air grille)
– hood sub-color (main color)
– base frame color
– PTO connection color
– Seat color (only Steyr fabric colors)
– rim color

These color choices are possible
through the built-in “AddConfig Script” from Ifko [nator]
(Approval has been given)

The colors in the color choices are divided as follows:
– All Steyr colors – normal
– All Steyr colors – Chrome
– Giants standard colors

There are also “Multicolor” decals on both sides
on the hood as well as one
Reverse Beep Warning
With the next update there will be different ones
Terminals for attachments will be available as well
there is an animated door and window
(via mouse control)
(It is strictly forbidden to upload this mod to other mod sites without my consent !!!)

Giants Ifko[nator] Wopster Colthicki


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