Dear FS Community,
I have read your comment and your remarks, so here is an update of the Stara Absoluta 44.
Changelog V1.0.0.1:
– You can now fill the planter with a silo (Sorry, I only use pallets so I did not noticed the issue with the silo. My bad)
– The minimum required power has been reduced to 500hp (datas mostly equivalent to a Seedhawk)
– Quantity of seeds and fertilizer reduced a little bit (10000L / 7000L)
– Overall weight reduced by 30%
Stara Absoluta 44 rows planter
Category: Planter
Price: 415000$
Working width: 27m (88ft)
Working speed: 20km/h (12mph)
Capacity: 7000L fertilizer / 10000L seeds
Needed power: minimum 500HP
No error in the log
AI worker ok
I would like to thank Stephan Beran for his help and advices !
For the real roleplay farmers here : It is not realistic ! This model can sow and plant. The real one has no fertilizer tank, only 3800L for seeds and the 44 rows have a total width of 18m (59ft)
But as we already have some very nice planters and seeders around 59ft, I wanted a nice alternative to the SeedHawk or the DB90. Something easy to maneuver with a good capacity and no cart to handle.
Credits in the moddesc.

Luiz Eduardo de lima,Eduardo Maciel e Rafael Ronchi/farm centro sul/lostgamer/Expendables


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