Lizard SIMULATOR 22 Monster Truck

Accurately scaled truck and tires. Crab Steering, and Full dynamic suspension, including body roll.
Old style monster truck which is still capable of doing work like farming, pulling. *Hidden trailer connections.

Truck bed accepts fill and has hydraulics for tipping, the bed also accepts objects via tension belts.
Two attachements are included for use in the bed, a liquid fill tank, and rear passenger seats.
Both attachements can be loaded like a pallete by a forklift. The rear seats are also able to be *picked up by hand. *See pictures on modhub.
The rear seats are enterable and are designed for multiplayer.

RT engine configuration adds more power and an animated hood scoop.
Automatic, Manual, and CVT transmission configurations. *Manual confiuration is only for use with manual shifting.

Four monster truck tire configurations and two Michelin agriculture tire configurations.
*To pull heavy equipment; buy the “Liquid Filled Tires” wheel configuration. (Much higher traction, but slower due to weight.)

Fully animated engine with open header exhaust flashes (fire).
All windows are animated and controlled manually.

Hydarulic bed, and tailgate are also controlled manually if needed. *Can be useful if vehicle rolls over.

Price: $125000
Horsepower: 950/1100

Seats Price: $2500

Liquid Tank Price: $5000
Capacity: 2000L



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