Simple Interactive Control (IC) is a new take on the well-known interactive control scenarios in Farming Simulator.

– This is a global script, which means that it does not need to be added to each mode separately, no additional changes to modDesc.xml, such as l10n texts, etc. are required;
– Obviously, vehicle.xml and i3d still need to be edited, the script cannot magically separate the doors and add trigger points. But as soon as the necessary lines are added, IC will be active as long as you have this mod active;
– It also means that people who do not like IC do not need to delete all car mods, just do not activate this mod;
– There is only one version of IC, and not 50 different ones that come into conflict with each other;
– IC updates are global and can be used in all mods.

XML registration for adding IC to your mod.

Posted by: modelleicher (LS-Modcompany).

Version for Farming Simulator 2019 (v1.5.x):
– Bug fixed: simpleIC.lua: 488: attempt to index field ‘spec_motorized’ (a nil value);
– Bug fixed: simpleIC.lua: 318: attempt to call method ‘getAttacherVehicle’ (a nil value);
– reachDistance can be set for each vehicle (optional, default 1.8) to indicate how far the player can reach point IC – V.

— V
fixed Issue introduced in the last version of indoor buttons only working when the ingame-menu is on, fully removed issue with double-mapping of mouseButtons I hope — V
fixed Error: simpleIC.lua:488: attempt to index field ‘spec_motorized’ (a nil value)
fixed Error: simpleIC.lua:318: attempt to call method ‘getAttacherVehicle’ (a nil value)
reachDistance can be set per vehicle (optional, default 1.8) to specify how far away a player can reach an IC-point — V
fixed spec insertion so simpleIC now works in every implement, trailer etc. not just drivables — V
fixed Error: simpleIC.lua:248: attempt to index local ‘spec’ (a nil value)
added cylinderAnimation for easy animation of struts on windows/doors etc. — V
fixed IC active on all vehicles bug (now only active if vehicle actually has IC functions)
fixed bug Error: Running LUA method ‘update’ simpleIC.lua:292: attempt to index a nil value
added default keymapping — V
multiplayer fix
added triggerPoint_ON and triggerPoint_OFF as alternative to toggle via triggerPoint.



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