Welcome to shamrock valley…. This map is set in Ireland.
Shamrock Valley 1.1
1.Fixed lighthouse light issue in the evening
2.Fixed shimmering cut grass texture in seasons
3.Fixed a couple of fillplanes floating in sky.
4.Optimised the map further 570mb now.
5.Fixed lampposts at night
6.Fixed floating gravestones.
7.Fixed waterfall error in log.
8.Boat camera fixed
9.Traffic can now be turned off and tweaked issues.
No new save required

Full seasons support with many extra features
New grass textures cut grass texture and distance etc
Custom ground textures
Custom Wheat barley textures auther forgotten fruits
38 fields from small to medium
3 sell points Bga sawmill and other places
Dof graphics has been removed to improve fps and distance blurryness. seasons
Totally new lighting Engine More dramtic dawn and dusk lighting. better clouds and more vibrant colours
Lots of animated objects to bring the map to life tractors in traffic boats planes etc
Driveable boat around the bay



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