ROS Truck Scania And Trailer V 0.5 Beta

ros-lkw-scania-mit-trailer (1)


For the transport of:

Fertilizer (fertilizer), seeds (seeds seeds2), kohlrabi (kohlrabi), cherries (cherries, cherry), apple (apple, apple), plums (plum, plums), onion (onion), strawberries (strawberry, strawberry), pears (pear, pear), pickles (cucumber), orange (orange), tomatoes (tomato), fruit wine, jam, carrot (carrot), flour (flour, wheatflour, barleyflour, cornflour), bran (bran) and bakery products / Bort ( bread, sandwich)

Giants GmbH, Rosenthaler


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  1. Kamil says:

    I tested this mod – Bu modu test ettim

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