New for V1.5 you will need a compost trailer/shovels and a cattle transport trailer like the Joskin BetimaxRDS 750 to transport from the new areas to sell point’s.

CMC Composting Plant. Plant owner pays at tip point.
Garden Center Compost sell point.
North farm Pig fattening.
South farm beef fattening.
North and South farm yard extensions for the above.
CMP Meats on Hangar Row in town purchase fattened cattle.
Manure pit loading conveyors.
Many area updates.
All reported issues fixed tested and working including the mixstation keybinding.
Updated prices and stats.
Updated PDA map with new areas.
Inter farm sales are now switched on so you can store at the Ringwoods Main silo the sell to the north or south farms when demand is high.
Building texture updates all over the map are finished.
All fields are empty now ready for planting.
More trees, shrubs and flowers planted in key areas. Trees texture have been freshly updated and all tree models replaced before upload.
Remove Haze and compost soil are incorperated into the map. Much much more but you’ll not notice unless you look hard.
The south Forerstry area around the sawmill and lake hammers our graphics cards purely because there is so much going on in that area. No framerate drops just the fans really spin up there.

Giant’s, Marhu & Farmer_Andy’s models and scripts, Andy1978, Wiznall, JHML and mod map by Stevie.

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2 Responses

  1. Phillip Mauviel says:

    Stevie! You are an absolute LEGEND! This is by far the BEST MAP EVER! I Love it! Every update just keeps on getting better and better! I LOVE your attention to detail! Thankyou thankyou thankyou!

  2. Stevie says:

    Thanks Phillip. Take it you’ve downloaded V1.51 with the fixes. I have just started work on V1.6 today and already fixed the tree nr the main farm that I forgot to remove when I replaced them All. Field 18 Map marker is now in field 18 but I can’t mention the rest but hopefully V1.6 will be the best so far but it’s weeks away at the moment. Stevie.

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