Area: 38.40 x 25.60 x 11
A total of 400 liquid fertilizer tanks fit into the hall!
1 row = 20 pallets / 1 column = 5 pallets / 1 shelf = 100 pallets
The number of storage locations was determined by liquid fertilizer tanks.
You can store any kind of pallets / bales or other!

Please note that the hall is still in Alpha. The design might change due to the updates.
Price: 200,000 flakes
RaFu`s Regalparadies

To do list:
– Improvement of loading in the individual shelves
– Improvement of the texture quality of the shelf wood
– Add Metallic Material Properties of the Hall (Specular Maps)
– Soil change (landscape / texture)
– Improvement of the roof

Modell: zFunked Textur: zFunked Idee / Konzept: RaisorxD Tester: zFunked, RaisorxD

DOWNLOAD FS19_RaFu_400Lager.zip – 8.3 MB

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