R.D.C.FS19 V1.3


Informative note:

A storm of cold and snow has reached R.D.C. Reservoirs and frozen rivers, shrubs and snowy herbs.
If you are new to R.D.C, or you already know it, in this version you will find a completely winter landscape. Snow will not be a problem to worry about.
Since Christmas dates are approaching, for the little ones at home: Look at the sky at night, you may see Santa Claus!


R.D.C is translated into: English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.
If you like R.D.C and its characteristics, and you want it translated into your language. Comment on the official forum of Farming simulator.


Winter has arrived!

-In land editing mode the textures have been changed with respect to the winter season. You will have two snow textures: With grass or without grass.
-Changed the textures to winter appearance.
-Modified the PDA.
-Now the pig feed, does not replace the feeding of the potato and beet. In this way, the potato and beet will work more.
-The consumption of animals has increased a bit compared to the autumn season.
-Modified the sounds.
-Roof the area of ​​the wool pallets of the sheep stable.
-Retouched the tomato orchard and tomato field.
-Changed the water plane of the well.
-Tools in stables and added personalized information icons. You have to have interactive zones activated in the configuration menu to see them.
-Added custom icons on the map and in the factory for more information and replaced the originals.
-Rebuilt again the gates of the stables, garages and workshop.
-Added next to the feeders in the stables, bowls to place the salt stone.
-The salt salt has been replaced by a stone.
-You can no longer buy salt at the factory and not store it. The new system is more real and fun.


-Changed the height angle of the sun.
-The rain has been replaced by snow and set to look real.
-The probability of snowy and cloudy days will be higher than sunny days.
-Snowing you will not be able to harvest, so if you see that the sky is cloudy, harvest your crops.
-The days of snowfall will last between 5 hours and a maximum of 10 hours of the game.


-Customized icons.
-Mod: Adjustable roof.
-Mod: Dump for storing salt stones.
-Mod: Salt stone.
-Mod: Aviary for winter, with capacity to house 200 chickens. Egg boxes have been replaced by pallets.


-Not compatible with Seasons.
-You can continue with your saved game.

See you next year!


DOWNLOAD FS19_RDC.zip – 264.4 MB

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