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Ponsse Mods Pack V 1.0

ponsse-modpack--2 (1)

ponsse-modpack--2 (2)

ponsse-modpack--2 (3)


I removed the crawlers and changed the ‘dirt tracks’
The scorpion can now cut logs in to pieces from 1m to 15m



3 replies on “Ponsse Mods Pack V 1.0”

I love the mod, I tried to do this myself in the code but couldnt figure it out. Would you be able to put the tracks back on though? I rather like the look of them.

Why does this mod not show up in my mod list … some of them do and some of them dont …
putting the ZIP files in mod folder .. and this one isnt showing up in the game to ad it

(Yeah the tracks looks better on it)

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