Poland Map V 1.0

poland-map-v1-by-tomix (1)


Autor: [email protected]
edit/fs 15: Tomix


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  1. Vandread010 says:

    After downloading this map and spending a good few hours, I have decided to post the following for reviewers and the map creators:


    1. Map design – The creativity in this map is top notch and I was surprised off the bat on the level of detailing that went into this simple little map. Well done!
    2. Field design. This is a micro manager’s wet dream for crop management. Highly recommending the use of smaller tractors and machinery to work with a good 60% of the fields

    1. Mini-Map. Off the bat, It took me nearly and hour to figure out where everything was due to the use of the starter map for the background. I understand this is 1.0 therefor its an oversite.
    2. Difficulty with larger machinery. Due to the very narrow roads and trees, larger combines and wagons will have a helluva time getting around and you’ll find yourself driving most of the time through the fields.
    3. Difficulty in wagons being able to unload to sell. At the sell point, I found that using the smaller wagons was the only was this would work, mostly self explanitory with problem 2.

    Overall. A solid 8 out of 10 for the makers here. Creativity was what I enjoyed overall in this map and I cannot wait to see the updates made in the future.

  2. Dan says:

    Thanks for the above review! Very helpful. Have you reviewed other maps? I’d like to see which are your favorite. I’m having a helluva time picking since most are poor english translations.

  3. Thierryc9 says:

    Question comment et ou on vend ses recoltes ?
    Super map

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