Top 422, a medium sized single rotor rake from the manufacturer Poettinger

Version 1.2.0
– Material and color adjustments
– small model adjustments
– Added axis configuration

This is a medium-sized single-rotor rake with a working width of 4.20 m from Poettinger.

Due to the dynamic suspension with separate oscillating wings paired with extra-wide and voluminous soft tires, the Top 422 impresses with a gentle feed treatment during work, even under difficult conditions on uneven terrain, or on slopes.

The following was made:
-Material and colors adapted to the original
-Chassis dynamically designed so that it can adapt to the ground (both tandem wings adapt independently to the ground conditions)
-Kleinigkeiten (PTO holder animated, retraction and Einklappanimation revised)

Giants-Software: Originalmodell Poettinger Top 462 MB-Trac_Power: Modelländerung Poettinger Top 422

DOWNLOAD FS19_PoettingerTop422.zip – 1.9 MB

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