Farming Simulator 2015 Trucks

Peterbilt 2007 Trucks v 1.0


Two different Peterbilt Trucks. One a regular Truck and the other one is a log Truck.

BigCountry, Lugarious


11 replies on “Peterbilt 2007 Trucks v 1.0”

After placing the zip folder into the mods folder, the trucks do not show up in the store in the game.

File missing??

after you put it in the mod folder right click on it go to properties and unblock that is what i for some reason have to do with all mods

I have got it to work… I had to install a mod form the main website then click options an the mod tab at the bottom… then had to restart the game a wait for a few min then they popped up….

There’s seem to have a little glitch with the big Krampe trailer. Look like the fifth-wheel is too close from the cabin so when I steer the rear of the truck get stuck on some part f the trailer.

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