Peterbilt 2007 Trucks v 1.0


Two different Peterbilt Trucks. One a regular Truck and the other one is a log Truck.

BigCountry, Lugarious


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11 Responses

  1. Banic says:

    After placing the zip folder into the mods folder, the trucks do not show up in the store in the game.

    File missing??

  2. Krupnoklipac says:

    Search mod by brand….

  3. Farmer says:

    Can you make more of these trucks? Some with the sleeper style cabs too? Thanks.

  4. merc says:

    after you put it in the mod folder right click on it go to properties and unblock that is what i for some reason have to do with all mods

  5. Grobbie72 says:

    Anybody got this to work tried all of the above no luck

  6. Grobbie72 says:


  7. SilentStormZ says:

    I have got it to work… I had to install a mod form the main website then click options an the mod tab at the bottom… then had to restart the game a wait for a few min then they popped up….

  8. Boushard says:

    There’s seem to have a little glitch with the big Krampe trailer. Look like the fifth-wheel is too close from the cabin so when I steer the rear of the truck get stuck on some part f the trailer.

  9. lashinskey keels says:

    Love ❤ the trucks how can I get them for my game ps3 farming simulator 2015

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