Set of machines and mechanisms for agricultural works

ZIL 4334
Truck and trailer.
Speed: 85 km / h
Cost: 21000/10000.
The choice of the engine, the choice of the primary color, the color of the design and the color of the cabin.
Replacement body in the volume of 14000/20000 liters

The price is 9,400 rubles (5 per day).
Two types of body to choose from.
All the sides open.
There are belts.
Choice of unloading side.
The volume of the body is 5,000 or 7,500 liters of cargo.

Palesse 624
In combination with the combine there are two reapers.
Working width 4 meters, at a speed of 12 km / h.
The price of harvesters is 38,000 and 29,900 rubles.
The price of the combine is 335,000 rubles
The speed of 43 km / h.
The bunker is 30000 liters of cargo.

Removes beets, potatoes, onions, carrots.

Ural 6614 8×8 timber transport
Power 481 kW / 654 hp;
The speed of the machine is 85 km / h;
Fuel tank capacity: 1000 liters;
The price is 75,000 rubles (135 per day);
Choice of wheels and engine;
Animation of mud flaps;
Working lighting equipment;
In the course of dust and tracks;
Dirty and washed;
Auto-selection of logs from 2 to 10 m;
Unloading by a dump truck;
There are belts;

In the body transport the wood, bales and pallets for fertilizers.
Side strips are installed.

UAZ 3741
Engine power 113 l / s, and a maximum speed of 80 km / h.
The light equipment was redone.
Choose a color from three options.
The choice of wheels of two pairs.
Fixing straps are prescribed.

Modular barrel
A modular barrel on the truck chassis can be loaded with a crane into the body.
It transports water and liquid fertilizers, in a capacity of 12 000 liters.
The price of the module is 1 500 rubles

The root harvester is based on MTZ-80.
It is intended for harvesting sugar beet and potatoes.
Animated, dirty.
The maximum speed is 34 km / h.
The working width is 2.7 m., Working speed is 10 km / h.
The volume of the bunker is 2000l.
Sold in the category of beet harvesting equipment.

Kirovets K 710M
Price, €: 93000
Service, € / day: 20
Engine power, HP: 235

Enisey 1200РM
Engine power: 145 hp
Bunker capacity: 4500 liters
Speed: 19 km / h
Operating speed: 10 km / h
Working width of cutterbar: 5 m
Full Animation

Trailer MMZ
Tractor trailer MMZ
The price is -2000 (per day 1)
Two kinds of sides.
The volume is 12,000 and 30,000 liters

Engine: D-260.4S2
Price: 15000
Operating weight – 7,22 tons
Engine power: 212 hp
Top speed: 50 km / h
Service: 92 per day

+ Rear hitch
+ Dynamic hoses
+ Interactive control (doors, windows, hood, hatch.)
+ Passenger script

Sowing machine UPC-8
– Price: 700 €;
– Cost of service per day: 60 €;
– Drill capacity: 1 140 liters;
– Width: 6 m;
– Required tractor power: 74 kW / 100 hp;
– Leaves traces of the wheels;
– Dirty and washed;
– At work has animation;
– Working with an employee

Cultivator KBM-8PS
– Price: 18000 €;
– Service: 10 € / per day;
– Working width: 8 m;
– Recommended power: 180 l / sec .;
– Working speed: 15 km / h.
– Dynamic hoses.

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