PACK KAMAZ 65228 V1.1

Try the Kamaz 65226 tractor with the powerful Cummins ISXe 535 engine.
– Power: 398 kW / 535 hp;
– Speed: 80 km / h;
– Fuel tank capacity: 500 liters;
– Price: 90 000 €;
– Cost of service per day: 80 €;
– IC control;
– Engine selection;
– Select the primary color;
– Choice of wheels;
– Choice of design;
– Animated cardan shafts, suspension, mud flaps, engine, fan;
– Has a trailing device;
– Working lights;
– Working dashboard;
– Working mirrors;
– Mirrors are adjusted by the mouse;
– Leaves traces;
– Dirty and washed.
If you approach the tractor from the front, you can put different signs and trailed using IC management.

Changes in v 1.1:
– Fixed some jambs of error, texture, corrected the model itself, now the weight of the tractor as in reality the name of the engine is corrected, the engine power is real.

– Has a little expanded, now in this pack of tractors enter:
KAMAZ-65226 tractor with chassis 6×6 worth 74000, power: 400/544 hp;
KAMAZ-65228 tractor with a chassis of 8×8 standing 85000, power: 442/601 hp;
KAMAZ-65228K with a hook loader with a chassis of 8×8 with a cost of 91000, capacity: 442/601 hp;

Everything is and is bought in a store in a separate category.



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