Welcome to the old family farm 2019,
This is a small map based on what an American farm might have been like in the old days. There are 4 small farms on this map. The main farm is where you will come in at. Farm 3 is south of town where you can choose what you would like to do. The main sell point is at the Bay Hay N Feed store. There is also the Rail line that comes into town that you can sell your crops at. The dealership is located inside the Hay N Feed store to buy new tractors and implements. You can sell your extra straw and bales behind the Hay N Feed. All fields are small in size. If your into logging there are plenty of trees to cut down for the logs or make wood chips for the saw mill, and too clear land for a new farm. This map has been completely redone too utilize the new features in FS19…
“Please note this is a small map designed for the smaller old time tractors..”

Version 2 change’s

added poplar to the map
added custom cows and free range chickens
added old lights to the farms
added old gas station
added old gas pumps to the HaynFeed
Updated the ability to paint grass foliage (If you have version 1.3 beta patch from Giants)
custom house with no surfboards and custom pictures inside the house.
Hired worker issue is resolved

Map by GnG Modding Beta testers; Victor Neville Mike Grainger Ken Grainger Bryan Murphy James Watkins https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7GHweLbHP08Fl7R8X5x-cQ Terry Sutton Special thanks to Victor Neville Terry Sutton for the use of the old gas station and fuel pumps.

DOWNLOAD FS19_OldFamilyFarm.zip – 280.6 MB

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