OKLAHOMA 4X FS22 V2.0.0.0


-Converted most elements for use in FS22.

-Added Sugar Mill, Oil Plant, GSI’s Corn Dryer, Potato Factory, spinnery and tailor shop

-Added new filltypes and products

-All buildings/silos and deco in Farm areas is sellable.

I must add that I am not a experienced map creator and there may be some issues which I haven’t found given I am a one man show. I will do my best to fix them if they’re found.

Original map by DJ Modding, modified and adpated by geeman72
Original Map Models & objects: Giants Software, CCS101, DR Modding, MRG Mapping, Txzar Mapping, CBJ Midwest Modding, Seriousmods, NoCreekFarms, NEFG Modding, Antler22, CSA Modding, PM-Modding, RWModding, AWModding, Fatian and TSM, blueweb, Rory Kain, bhModding, North Simulation, cjwilksy, IB055, ThompsonM06, Fendt512, Basti_66, Nubsi, and 4MR modding.
Scripts: LS-Modcompany/kevink98, LKX/Stegei, Evgeny Zaitsev, TracMax, CCS101

DOWNLOAD FS22_Oklahoma_4x.zip – 1.9 GB

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