NEW HOLLAND TR 6, 7, 8, AND 9 SERIES V1.1.0.0

This is the collection of the New Holland third through sixth and final series’ of Twin Rotor (TR) combines. Due to the distinct similarity of the cabs and bodies of these series, I decided to add them all to the same mod and this drastically cut down on file size. At just 136MB for 9 combines, I would say that’s pretty darn good.


– Fixed missing flashers on 96, 97 and 98

– Fixed Missing New Holland decals on TR96

– Added crop destruction to duals


-In cab animations (hour meter, RPM’s, functional gauges, throttle lever, hydro. lever, Auger foot lever, Auger engage lever or button (depending on which series), thresher engage levers or buttons (dependent on which series).

-Realistic sounds

-Factory extensions or a foldable Maurer extension

-Narrow or wide duals along with 2WD or 4WD

-Corn special or Rice and Soybean special options for 7 and 8 series

-New style or old style auger spouts

-Long or short augers for the 96, 97, 98, 89 or 99

TR History:

-1984: TR76 TR86 TR96

-1993: TR87, TR97 (TR 7 frame series was removed at this series and on)

-1997: TR 88, TR98

– 1999: TR89, TR99

Tired Iron Modding


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