NEW HOLLAND T7 290/315/CHIP V2.1.0

New Holland T7 Heavy Duty

It was replaced by another ic that offers more possibilities
you can operate the rear / front hydraulics per ic as well as turn on the pto by ic. other things and dump (only at sales stations) per ic for heck / front
Also new is the regular tire pressure system (which works well)
important when attaching machines, please pay attention to who ic the rear linkage lowers if s.den anbaugeräht no pto, please do not use the pto over ic otherwise log errors (do not affect the game)

Price: 231000 €
Max. Power: 290-340 hp
Max. Speed: 50 KPH
Maintenance: 345 €

– Animated cabin suspension
– Animated seat suspension
– Animated joystick
– Animated daylight lamps
– Animated folding control
– Animated doors and rear window
– Animated interior, lighting and more
– Kennezichen script
– Dynamic Pants
– Animated warning signs from outside per ic foldable

Design configurations:
– Default
– Blue power
– Black design

wheel configurations:
– Default
– wheel weights
– Wide tires + wheel weights
– Wide tires
– Care tires
– Twin Tires Rear and Front Normal Tires and Narrow Tires

Border Color:
– A rich and stable fab selection



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