I am pleased to introduce you to my map.

Version 2.3
Please sell all placeable items before the version change and then take the itemsxml from a new save game
The map has now almost 30 MB less
Removed various free surfaces
Depot Sale Removes
Sawmill removed
Milk House Removed
Diesel sales in gas stations around Written
Diesel production in refinery around Written and she is now also producing oil
Oil entered in gas station and price list
Milk and oil entered in liquid storage
Small Water Works Installed
At WasserWerk, 100,000 liters of water cost 10,000 euros or dollars
Liquids trailer is enclosed
Lime entered in both sales
Power poles Installed

Environmental Sounds Inserted
It was rebuilt from scratch and is fictitious.
The map has 3 woods 6 open spaces (purchasable) 19 fields (purchasable)
Spinning dairy biomass and bga have also found their place
There are 3 outlets (take all fans)
Wind turbines from kastor were installed (thanks for that)
Carrots and onions from gmcw were installed (thanks for that)
ModPack with MultiFruit Harvester and MultiSilo Located at
I hope I make one or the other a joy with it and wishes a lot of fun while farming

Modell: Oli5464
Textur: Oli5464
Script: Farmer_Schubi
Idee / Konzept: Oli5464/Paul
Tester: Oli5464/Paul
Sonstige: Oli5464/Paul/Farmer_Schubi/mauricespencer


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