MTZ-1221 BELARUS V1.0.0.1

– Cost of tractor in the game,€: 15800
– Engine power, HP: 130
– Fuel tank capacity, l: 150
– Speed: 43 km / h
– Leave no trace.
– Flying dust from under the wheels
– Lighting works
– Working backlight devices
– Choice of design (with wings, without wings) and choice of mounting
– Adjustable rear hitch with the right mouse button
“Only the wheels get dirty.”

Why the version became mod due to the fact that in the last version purely by accident is not the archive I downloaded, which is necessary. Yes, the archive was one with errors, where there were no defects, and the second was the final archive. Now here is the final file, which can be found below the link.

Errors in the log mod no, attached to the post a screenshot of the purchase as seen in the console no complaints.

corad60, igorela21. FS19: VLADISLAV ROMAKIN


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