Mixing Station Object V 3.0.0


The three storage silos shall be filled with silage, hay u. Straw (depending 50t) then per hour produces 10t compound feed to the mixing tank is full, this summarizes 100t compound feed, which can be picked up with a trailer and fed to the cows.
The silos have 3 analog level indicators, in addition the exact levels will be displayed in the control cabinet in the help text.

The signal lamp shows:
Flashing red = a silo is empty
Flashing amber = mixing tank full
Green = all right (it is produced)



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14 Responses

  1. adrien says:

    how to retrieve food

  2. mark says:

    trying to see if your mods r good or not

  3. Klemen says:

    How to retrieve food..
    should I install any other mod to make it happen?
    Or there exists a traillor that would do the work?

  4. ghostdrifter says:

    the mod workds good but how do I get the food out ? have tried all the tippers I have and non work. is there a certen one that I need or does it need another mod?

  5. Nate says:

    I saw a video from the fs 13 version of this mod, and it appears that you have to completely fill the mix station before you can get food out. Haven’t tried it but i will.


  6. mixing tank full ,,as I empty the tank?, ?????

  7. Michael says:

    Found this Fortuna FTD150 V 1.1 and got it to work with the Mix Station

  8. fred123s4" says:

    can you made a mixer there can mix wheat barley and canola

  9. mike says:

    I filled it up and I also bought that trailer, but all it does is drop about 1% and then it stops.

  10. Edward says:

    It does not load I put it in the mods file and it does not work or will not show up in the mods

  11. Josh says:

    Ok since we weren’t getting answers, I kinda figured the whole not filling thing out. You have to wait till it build the mixtures, if you hope out and go by the controls it’ll tell how much has been mixed. It’ll only dump as much as the station has mixed, not how full the station is. So luckily I bought more than one, so I’ll just fill them and let them sit to mix. Seemed to take around half an hour for about 6% or so, but wasn’t watching the time. I hope this helps you out.

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