Mixing Station Mod V 3.0.0


The signal lamp shows:
Flashing red = a silo is empty
Flashing amber = mixing tank full
Green = all right (it is produced)



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11 Responses

  1. scott says:

    I figured out how to get the straw, hay and silage into it. How do you get it to dispense the mixed feed into a frontloader bucket or a tipper? I’ve tried driving a trailer under the pipe or a bucket, neither seem to work.

  2. lux210 says:

    August should fall out of the tube and nothing is happening for the second mod that does not work tested by me. does not want to feed sprinkled on trailer

  3. lux210 says:

    how much it cost me nerves search the trailer and found the trailer to the given name Fortuna FTD150 V 1.0

  4. lee says:

    On the 2013 version of this mod u needed a multi fruit trailer. this might be the same??

  5. fred123s4" says:

    can you made one were they can mix wheat barley and canola

  6. Tuggy says:

    I got this mods on the region of Texas, but I’m not sure which tipper or wagon I can use to load the mixed animal feeding into.

    Is there any mods I need ?

  7. Maxime says:

    It doesnt work! Like Scoot I tried all the tippers possible but nothing comes out of it even tho its full!


  8. pabearsman says:

    Same with me. I can’t get the completed mixture to come out. I tried several different trailers.

  9. terry bly` says:

    Same here. I have correct trailer but keeps telling me this silo is empty. Has green light and I checked the panel on the side. It showed that I had feed prepared. Too bad because this was one of my favorite mods in fs13

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