MALTIX 2020 V1.0.0.0

hello everyone in this period of confinement which continues all the months of april see more here is the map made in 2017 by fmfs “Maltix” I converted and deeply revise this very nice card to offer you another more modern version there is a farm and the possibility of making another one see 2 more it has Vico, Candia, Limagrain, the cop, a candy, breeding Farming the classic bga 24 fields various sizes .this card is primarily intended for all players who like mods rescue firefighter police gendarmerie Samu so there are 2 gendarmerie a police station a municipal police station a Samu and the hospital and a cpi a sdis new version the northern group of firefighters which includes maintenance workshops a barracks etc and two other fire stations Ihave also redone the highway from zero the beach rating has changed a lot
the small village has been completely redone the city center of maltix also with all new buildings etc i also add all the administrative services caf cpam taxes etc.

a little thought for our health and rescue services, and all the french people who fight for us every day are still confined to reduce the risk and relieve our doctors, nurses, firefighters, paramedics, thanks also to our cashiers our traders, the garbage collectors, thanks to all

original credit FMFS 2017 modification conversion fs19 maximus 45


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