Hey what’s up everybody today we’re gonna be building a new farm here on elm creek on farmsim22 if you guys enjoy this video then make sure you like and subscribe don’t forget this game releases november 22nd which if everything goes to plan should be tomorrow and today if everything goes to plan should be the last day for the giveaway so make sure you click the link in the description or in the pinned comment down below but this is the piece of land that we’re gonna use to build our farm on so we’re gonna get started all right we’re here in build mode but i’m gonna have to give you guys the ultra wide view if you wanna see the full ui and screen and everything all right so there we go you guys can see what we’re working with now this essentially is the big plot of land that we’re going to be using all the way down to right here all the way up around to this area right here so it’s a decent sized plot for us to work on and the first thing i want to do is a little bit of painting we’re going to use gravel to kind of get the layout of our field here or the layout of our farm rather so we got to decide how we want this to look so i’m going to use that little dude as kind of a guide of how wide i want to make it and i think that size right there will be good this is the largest area kind of here so i kind of think that this should be the bulk of our farm and then we can have kind of a fencing pasture like area kind of going back in here i think will be cool so i think to start we’re going to have this kind of running off of here like so and kind of around and up this direction once we get about here-ish i’m gonna round it back off over here and then this is gonna be a bit of a yard roughly now those who are wondering there is no undo in the landscape mode just keep that in mind when you’re doing all your work now the next thing i want to figure out are the buildings so first of all i want our farmhouse to probably sit back here by the river in fact it would be kind of neat to put it here or maybe over here actually you know what i think we will put it over here i think this will be a really cool location for it so let me rotate this around using the mouse tool i think we’re just gonna go ahead and put it right there we’ll see what happens okay so that did raise the land a little bit right here but what we can do is like we see we got raised lower we’ve got level we’ve got soften and we got slope so i’m just gonna go in here and we’re going to increase the size and we are going to soften this area here just like so we’re just going to soften this out that way it’s not overly abrupt like it is the nice thing is is it doesn’t remove the foliage anymore when you do this so it’s not perfect but it will have to do for now i think we’ll call that good now we want to go in back to painting with our gravel and i think we’re going to have a disconnected one that maybe also meets up here and it’ll be kind of like that so that’s what we’re going to do so we’re just going to have this kind of run off up over here like so and right in front of the house we will have it do a nice little loop back around so you’re able to get right back out just like that all right now that we’ve got that figured out we are going to continue figuring out what we’re doing with barns here so we’ve got silos we’ve got containers we’ve got tools and we got to decide what we’re going to place here so we have different types of barns we’ve got these massive massive barns right here here’s another option for a big open cold storage barn this one i actually kind of like there’s something about it this one has solar all over it we’re just gonna kind of go through our options here and just see what they look like so we know what the what we have to work with i think that this will be the first building that we place in the location that we place it we also do need to think about our bin storage and i think we’ll have that maybe back here in some way or something i kind of want it far away from the house and not really at the front now the thing is you got to decide where you want to put it and i can’t quite decide that yet so we’re not going to do that but we are going to give ourselves some nice fuel so we’ve got a few fuel barrels here and i think we’re gonna go with the meridian and that’s about where we’re gonna put the fuel and we can’t get it close to the building unfortunately i mean i can’t really put it there because there’s that door we can put it off over here a little bit and that is probably gonna be our best option right about there that’s what we’ll go with right there now i do want to do the horses unfortunately we’re not gonna be able to get the fence type that i want because of the design of these buildings and that is a shame we’ll have to wait for mods to be able to do that kind of stuff because i’d like a custom pasture through here so i think what i’ll do is is put in a white picket fence here and we’ll fake that this is a pasture essentially so we’ll send that right down to there and then we’re just going to be kind of running it along here now is it going to be perfect probably not but am i going to do my best that that’s maybe now i don’t want to cut off that uh that deal right there so we’re gonna keep that and we’re gonna fence this up to right well yeah we’re gonna fence it up to right about here and then and we’ll see if we can get it all right so we’re gonna have to do a little finagling here well we’re having a little bit of trouble here but that’s okay because now i can show you how to demolish so we’ll just come in and we’ll just delete what we’ve worked on all right y’all we are finally making some progress here i know it might seem a little weird that i’m fencing off the the waterway um but it’s because we want this to seem like it’s where we’re going to be putting our horses so there we go there is our pasture now what we’ll do is go in and we will pick a little section here to just delete and now we will put our gate and if i can here we got to delete one more and now we should be able to get our gate in right there should do and now we should be able to close that off with the fence there we go we’ve got our pasture now so it was a little bit of a pain around here but we got that down i really wish i had more buildings to put around here but uh we don’t have options that i really like guess we could put this little guy here really as long as he goes about right there that should be fine now i do want to make a little trail that goes across through here to connect back up over here maybe we’ll make it about that size and we’ll just have this just sneak right on past just like so and we’ll have it connecting right here like this now we’re gonna try and figure out these bins like i was talking about a little bit earlier we got two bin options here and i want to figure out where i want to put them i don’t want them out front really even though that would be ease of access i just don’t like the look of the bin so i’d like to hide them back somewhere if i can we can utilize this trail for the trucks if we need and i can send that trail kind of through here a little bit to get back into this area but i got to figure out where i want to put the bins and when i’m doing this so i think maybe a bin right here would be a good call and then maybe another one over here to kind of complement it i think that’s what i’m going to go ahead and try to do we’ll place this one right here and then we’ll place this one unnecessarily far away man that’s going to be a problem how close can i get you all right well let’s see right about there that’s closest we can go well i guess that’s what we’ll do we’ll put those two bins there and now we’ll have a trail that runs right past them like so and i’m also going to run this trail right up over here and we’re gonna turn it just on the edge of the crop to go right on over and we’re gonna connect that up right here that’s gonna be where we’re gonna connect now i should give myself a little bit of room here so we’re going to take the grass tool and we’re going to kind of take away a little bit of that grass through here so we’ll just do this along the grass line when you do that you do have to also come in and plant the actual grass in as well so let’s go ahead and do that and then we’ll run this along the edge of the building roughly and there we go we’re going to round that off just like so we’re gonna round that off just like so we’ll make these key connections through here we’ll have that all gravel i’m gonna make this kind of gravel out here and then we’re gonna make a nice big pad right here for equipment as well all right i think that’s a decent layout right now i think we could replicate our fence work right around here and we could add some trees and stuff maybe do another fence line right here or something let’s go ahead and add some trees and i suppose we’ve got elm trees whatever these things are service berries dogwoods some hickory trees birch oak willow i think a willow tree could be cool and then pine as well what’s that willow tree looking like that’s a neat tree we could just put that tree like right up front here i think we’ll go ahead and do that i like that tree and i think we’ll do some of these trees nothing too big uh and we’ll place these out here in our pasture a little bit i suppose that’ll be good enough for those trees i don’t know if it’s a good idea for me to put a tree there but i will stick a couple trees right along here i think that could be cool then we’ll stick some right on this corner here as well and we’ve got bushes here that we can mess with as well as some flowers so what if we i couldn’t figure those out but that’s okay all right we did some tree work around but before we continue that i want to get more fencing done along here so we’re going to start it right here and just run this right on just like that we’ll keep running it and it’s gonna angle a bit to this direction now and right there we’ll do there we go we got a whole new fence right there now i think what we’re gonna do is put a gate right here and we’ve got a gate right here so we’ll put a gate right here so we’ll just kind of line that up a little bit and then there we go and now we can close that off just like that and we’ll try to do the same right here there we go we’ve got a couple gate entrances on that one now now we just need to add some trees out here in this one so let’s add a tree here and here and we’ll add one there and lastly we’ll put some more trees over here we’ll have this be a kind of more extra wooded little area right here all right that’s not terrible not great not terrible we’ll need a couple trees out here just like that there we go that’s looking pretty decent so far not great but not terrible last thing i want to take a look at are some lighting options here but you know what i can’t decide what i like out here so i think we might just go without for now yeah i think that’s exactly what we’ll do we’ll give ourselves our little doggie right about here how’s that all right guys there we go i think we got it all done so we’ll just do a little drive by here just to check it out and see how it looks so we got a couple open pastures in the front we’ve got a nice round like drive to our house there that needs a little bit of work to it but we’ll get to that and we’ve got this uh drive here that kind of leads back to the farm from the house so you don’t have to take the highway very very nice we’ll do a little cleaning up on that grass right there fuel barrel big barn we’ve got uh a deal there i think i might need to put one more fence just along here just to make this feel right that’s not too bad overall let’s check back behind and then we roll right back here that needs some work right there we’ll get that fixed got a deal right there to enter got our bins over here that we can do a little work on and then this path of course leads back to this one that i think our semis can use so that uh that’s gonna be our farm let me know what you guys think of our farm in the comments down below we’ll uh continue to make it better and better but this is my first attempt at building in farm sim 22 again we’ll fix those little issues right there but it was pretty easy pretty intuitive and a lot uh faster than in 19. so i look forward to what we’ll be able to do with mods uh come in the future but guys that’s gonna be it i hope you all enjoyed remember game comes out the 22nd the 21st is the last day to enter the giveaway and i’ll check y’all out in the next video peace.


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