Liebherr 900C Litronic Mod V 1.0

liebherr-900c-litronic--2 (1)

liebherr-900c-litronic--2 (2)


Instructions: X to put the skids,
Num 4 for anti fog.
Click mouse for movement of the shovel and Double click (Right + Left) for the variable component and.

Crédits: 3D Model: Fredzaza/Ombelis .
Script: Ombelis
Skin et mis en jeu: Ombelis


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5 Responses

  1. Warhero72 says:

    You should try to make a Tigercat H822C

  2. great mod! Only a couple things I reccomend

    -Maybe lower the sensitivity of the swing and boom so they are a bit less jerky
    -Increase the size of the grapple (seems tiny compared to machine)
    -Boom doesn’t lift high enough to load trucks, needs to go much higher, only good for ground sorting
    -Decrease the swingabilty of the grapple its bounces around way to much, should be little more study

    Fantastic mod, can’t wait to see what you do next!

  3. Tony TnT says:


    Merci pour ce magnifique mods mais les commandes de la machine sont inversées sur mon joystick. Est il possible de modifier cela sans changer mes propres commandes? Et si possible pouvoir accrocher une remorque? Sinon encore merci, je suis Liebherr-fan et j’attendais ca avec impatience! Merci camarade!

    • Koty says:

      Love This Machine Great To Start Seeing Foresty Machine Mods
      I Agree With First day Reivews Recommendations I Have One More To Add
      The Controls Are Inverted The Opposite Of All Other Machine and Would Be Awsome If U would Change Them
      Sadly Its Vary Hard For Me To Use This Machine With Inverted Controls

  4. Rambow145 says:

    when I try to get this mod my anti virus comes up and says detected that your download might contain viruses, spyware, and other potentially unwanted programs. I have down loaded few mods for games and I have never really got this before so maybe the up loader had a virus in the file some how. good day hope some one can fix the virus and re upload it safe. thanks 🙂

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