Hi guys and girls, friends but also enemies. Today is Christmas and so I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, good health, happiness and much success in the coming year 2022 ???? As a reward for your support, I have prepared for you my treasure, on which I spent all my free time last month, yes all, I am currently ironing it with my girlfriend .. ???? I love you community, thank you very much everyone for your support <3 Something about the map: The name of the map is Water Lilies as you can see below in the photo Is located here : 92 plots of which 85 farmland (meadows and fields) Basic farm with a biogas plant with an output of 99kW Cowshed on a smaller detached farm next door Large-capacity biogas plant with an output of 500 kW 3 purchases (post-harvest cell, ZZN and general merchandise) 2 production sites (dairy and oil mill) Building plot opposite the store I will be happy if you respect this so that I can continue to create for you: 1. I do not want the map to be reuploaded to a link other than the one I provided 2. I do not want anyone to edit the map in any way due to "unexpected removal" which in case of errors in the map due to its edit will damage my name This is my first map, I will be happy to respect some minor visual flaws and shortcomings in terms of more production and purchases, I spent over 200 hours of my time on the map, I missed my sleep many times to do it all and have a present for you! !!! OBLIGATIONS AFTER DOWNLOADING THE MAP !!! 1. If you find a bug that affects the gameplay, let me know 2. Add photos so I can see that someone is playing After this release, I plan to make a second version in which I will correct any errors and finish what the community wants when I can handle it ???? In case you would like to support me financially, I enclose my paypal link where you can send me your millions: https://paypal.me/smetty15?country.x=CZ&locale.x=cs_CZ Credits:
Smetty and Alisqo

DOWNLOAD FS22_Lekniny_map.zip – 261.8 MB

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