The map requires the latest Giant’s 1.6 game update patch to load and function as intended.
Unzip the downloaded file to get to the maps zip file and place straight into your mods folder, load and play.
I offer no support for any external mods used with this map other than my own.
The aim was to create a second Lakeland series map which again was laid back easy to just play and relax . Easy missions nice fictional US country to have fun and play the game in. Again the map layout allows the user a huge scope of map customization using the simple in game terrain tools allowing the users to basically recreate this however they wish. Most of the farm can be removed the exception of the animals and house.
The map features one main farm with vehicle reset point, sleep trigger and a secondary farm area. All animals have custom pens complete with the Animal Pen Extension APE. The APE mod file is not included and must be downloaded separately from its source. The farm has a large capacity silo, silage clamp, manure store, workshop, diesel supply, vehicle sheds, barn sales, wool sales and farm supply point. You have 5 owned fields 4 planted ready for harvest and 1 grass. The map is seasons ready with snow mask and custom textures. AI friendly with large grass areas at most field ends and the BGA has 4 clamps, sunken tip point, placeable area and fast processing. The map features compost but will require a relevant global company composting plant mod like the one I released and the addition of the Global Company mod script not supplied and must be download from source and a minimum version of V1.1.0.0 is required for my mod pack. The map has a swamp forestry area and several good sized placeable areas. Diesel can be sold at the gas stations, water can be sold at the animal suppliers. Eggs can be sold at the dairy and supermarket. Water can be filled for free from the farms wind pump or farm water crossing. The map has Alfalfa added as an extra fruit and the map comes with five vehicle mods of mine plus Alfalfa is added to most vanilla vehicles. Alfalfa silage bales can be created and they can be dropped into the farm silo and then you can use a trailer to tip Alfalfa silage to the cows or sell points. The map also features Hmilk, Washed and Steamed potato handling, again get my GC mod pack for the mods needed to work with them. The map has multi angle terrain and the mud mod and is ready for the straw addon and the maize plus mods will all work with it. All extra foliage can also be painted down with the landscaping tool.
I have not built in any Global Script productions as you can get placeables or my GC mod pack.
Here’s a huge big thank you to Larry, Sally, John, Christopher and Duckzorly for helping test the map.
Have fun with the map and thank for the support, regards Stevie.

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