LAKELAND VALE 07 03 2020

The map shows one farm with a sleep trigger
The farm has a large-capacity bunker, a silo, a manure warehouse, a workshop, a diesel supply, carports, sheds for sale, wool for sale and a farm supply point.
You have 5 own fields, 4 planted for harvesting and 1 meadow.
A map of the seasons is ready with a snow mask and custom textures.
The card contains compost, but it will require an appropriate mod
The map has a smaller area of ​​forestry and several good areas for accommodation.
Diesel can be sold at both gas stations, water can be sold from animal suppliers.
Eggs can be sold at the dairy and supermarket.

Update 7 basically makes adjustments to the triggers and gates of animals.
You do not need to start a new game if you have update 5 or 6.



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