Krone BIG L500 Prototype Mod V 1.8


ersion 1.8
Logfehler steering texture of the cabin (was black, otherwise ligts on the graphics card) Missing texture path fixed tank contents and adjusted consumption (so bad fast drain is not on the mod!) If to remain healthy, it is the last version of this Modtypes see WIP of the next version.

Ur-Mod: usxi7sd
Sources: Giants-Software
LS15: Jaison
Dirt-Texturen: Jaison


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7 Responses

  1. Nisroc says:

    Tried it, liked it, and no problems! The Mods textures make it look like it is used equipment rather than brand shiny new.

  2. Sizn says:

    The link no longer works.

  3. Nikke says:

    Link dont work fix pliz

  4. Nikke says:

    now it says Error No such file with this filename

  5. magnat28 says:

    link down.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. David says:

    Massively OP. The mow head is 43% wider than the standard front mower but the yield on a test I did was 500% more than the front mower.

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