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Kroeger Rungenwagen Trailer V 2.2

kroeger-rungenwagen (1)

kroeger-rungenwagen (2)


version 2.2
The changes in version 2.2 – conclusions made downwards on both sides – built-in tipping for tribes – built-in cylinder for Kippforrichtung – Material Definitions corrected added -RuL

GIANTS – Umbau: John Barleycorn


4 replies on “Kroeger Rungenwagen Trailer V 2.2”

Love the added lifting hydraulics.

Some corrections that need to be made:
1. Textures on the black cross braces are missing.
2. The hitch is still rubberbanding when its connected to a tractor.

But awesome trailer my friend.

If you don’t mind me asking, where did you download the green vintage tractor? Can’t find it anywhere.

the rubberbanding is dealt with in version 2.4. Some effect is unavoidable due to the high count of collisions in the mod. Otherwise one may encounter performance issues on weaker systems.
Some texture may be unusual but there is surely none missing.
I did not download the green tractor. This is my own conversion of the 2013 Huerlimann with nearly all of FS2015’s features such nas new texture system, choice of color, dirt system hud, animated driver etc. If interested, drop me an e-mail

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