Conversion of a Laptezhnik tractor under FS19 with partial revision.
– The collision zone was changed so that Kraz could overcome higher obstacles (the calculation was for hemp and logs lying on the ground)
– Significantly increased suspension travel and reduced its rigidity: Kraz sags when loaded and beautifully plays wheels on the topography.
– Updated some textures and models (while at the minimum).

– Available selection of primary color, color design and one of the discs.
– There are 2 engines to choose from: authentic YMZ-238 for 240 forces and its modern modification YMZ-6585-04 for 420 forces (believe me, no longer needed, 1962 Nm of dragging in any situation).
– 3 types of wheels: Road (although who needs them?) + Boggers with discs that can be painted + Boggers with authentic discs.
– Working lighting, paid special attention to it, the lights turned out very realistic.
– Animated rear suspension (front is still oak).
– Work tachometer + speedometer + fuel level
– Soiled / washed.
– The log is clean …

What’s new in version 1.3:
– fixed the names of the authors of the mod
– road train lights began to work
– increased coupling angles
– Fixed visual jamb with the inside of authentic Bolotnikov disks
– added dirt to the antenna and beeps
– Added work light indicators in the cab
– on the tidy temperature sensor and pressure sensor came to life
– The work of janitors
– fixed appearance of instrument gauges
– replaced the cardan model.
– at the request of the community now Kraz comes in 2 versions: with arcs and without
– both options have 2 additional options: removing the spare wheel and removing the side panels of the engine
– the passenger got bored, and he left us 🙂

Version 1.3.1:
– fix the stuck light source at the model with the frame

So that there were no questions about the inclusion of working light:
F – near -> far -> off
Num 5 – front working
Num 6 – rear working
This is not a BAG that on the “F” working lighting does not turn on, so it was done on purpose.

Version 1.3.2:
– fixed modDesc for correct menu operation: Modifications / MODHUB
– fixed the location of light sources for the game at the minimum settings



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