Komatsu 941 Wood Harvester V 1.0 Beta

komatsu-941_wood_harvester (1)


-1:1 Scale like the Original size
-20Meter cut
-and more!
Check it and see!
-no lights set!

ZoltanMolnar and Giants!


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3 Responses

  1. Skuggan says:

    Looks sweet 🙂 are you thinking of doing a matching forwarder as well? 🙂

  2. ZoltanMolnar says:

    Yes and thank you! But now a Cat Feller Buncher the Project! Check out my Facebook page for more information! =]

  3. Ghostzlayer00 says:

    Just a tip. Can you make the front wheels the same as the ponsse has and the backwheel a little bit less wide.
    I really love the komatsu forest machines and i would realy appreciate if you could do those things 🙂 And btw it needs lights 😀

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