KNIES KD 180 V1.0

Dual circuit air brake system with automatic load-dependent brake force regulator
robust chassis with 2 ADR Black Bull brake axles
Three-way tilting unit with a strong 4-stage hydraulic cylinder suspended in a gimbal, stroke limiting valve
Board walls made of green or brown Finnish vehicle panels
(13 layers of birch wood 18 mm thick)
Side walls and rear wall edged in anodized aluminum profile with replaceable rubber seal (rapeseed-proof)
Sidewalls one-sided in height continuous – other side
divided in height 800/700 mm
Rear wall divided in height 800/700 mm
Center stanchions with removable connecting pipe
central lower unlocking of the side walls
large lever outlet slide in the rear wall with removable fertilizer outlet funnel
Catwalk with safety bar on the front wall, ascent in the middle
large dimensioned deflectable JOST turntable
JOST V drawbar, stored in maintenance-free silentblocs
ROCKINGER trailer hitch with large catch mouth
Hydraulic, brake and light connection for the 2nd trailer
Underride protection with built-in 12 V ASPÖCK lighting system
Sandblasting the steel parts before painting
Corrosion protection by careful 2K acrylic primer
2K acrylic topcoat chassis red RAL 3000, superstructure green RAL 6000

Blade_or_Die, Giants Software


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