KIROVEC K700A V12.07.18

► The physics of the tractor has been completely redone.
► Modified the 3d model of the tractor.
► Sounds changed.
► Fixed texture.
► Breaking frame.
► Dynamic hydraulic lines.
► Fully dynamic exhaust system.
► Fully dynamic lighting system.
► Select color when buying (you can separately paint two designs when you buy in a store.) Wheel disks.
► Fully animated instrument panel.
► Instrument lighting (realLight).
► On the choice of 7 types of engines YaMZ V8 YaMZ V12 turbocharged:
YaMZ-238 (220hp) Standart.
YaMZ-238ND4 (250hp).
YaMZ-238ND5 (300hp).
YaMZ240BM (300hp).
YaMZ-7512 (360hp).
YaMZ-7513 (400hp).
YaMZ240NM2 (500hp).
► Choose from 5 types of wheels:
With a load on the rear wheel
Double wheels
Wide tires
► Buy in the store:
Safety frames, Additional rear fenders, additional front fenders, additional front lighting, the sign “Autotrain”
►- Adjustable hinge: (hold LMB)
► LOG is clean …

SFM-Modding, Erlan10


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