Australian/New Zealand type of semi very basic to keep file size down all for your heavy hauling needs.

Eric.R, AussieTruckSim


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13 Responses

  1. SimInMotion says:

    I like that theres now a great truck for heavy haulage,great work, just a question will you be releasing the Kenworth k200’s
    Great mod

  2. craig says:

    says pack but i only have one truck there?

  3. SimInMotion says:

    Also a bug i forgot to mention is the interior view is broken when you use it its upside down

  4. brad says:

    How do you activate the mod and where abouts do you find it in the store?

    • SimInMotion says:

      Just drag the zip file into your mods file then go into the game, load your save, then go to th store and and in the top right corner of the store menu click the arrow until you get to mods

  5. SumWom says:

    where can i get those aerodynes?

  6. Fabiolus says:

    The view is upside down when driving with view inside the truck.

    Thank you

  7. Paul says:

    Love the mod! Brilliant ! Are you going to fix the bug? and are the K series going to be available or is it only the T908?
    Love your work!

  8. ball says:

    T908john is missing description version attribute

  9. Sam says:

    Great mod, also the log version is awesome, wondering whether you could help me with a modification to your logger version and trailer

    Cheers Sam

  10. carne says:

    r these k200 trucks now avaliable

  11. carne says:

    r these trucks now avaliable

  12. Miki says:


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