My personal edit of the John Deere 8030 series that was Converted By KOTmods and then edited to the US version by Hammond and was uploaded to thanks for the great work guys and for making it public.
I’m also including my fixed/edited version of Custom Moddings H480 loader. again big thanks to Custom Modding for all their great work and for making such great mods for us to enjoy thank you everyone all your hard work and time it is very appreciated.
What I have done to the 8030 series.
Updated ALL new fs19 textures.
Added beacon options.
Made flashers foldable.
More wheel options.
Front fender optional.
Rear fender optional.
Added CM modding H480 loader bracket.
Added new hood guard.
thanks to Scooters workbench for helping with the front axle fix.

What I have done to the H480 loader not h480 anymore.
Fixed the front john deere decal no longer floating.
Fixed the bucket cylinder hoses now they stay attached to the bucket cylinder.
Fixed the bucket linkage now it stays attached to the bucket.
Reskinned it to look more like the 843 loader.
UNZIP the folder then put the 2 zipped folders into your mods folder and enjoy everyone.

Converted By KOTmods US version_Hammond Edited by AJ Bentley/Scooter’s Workbench


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