Hi guys, first of all thank You for all your support form my mods, it means to me a lot 😀
This is my gift for You for Christmas, Merry Christmas <3 Motor Configuration (6020P 40KMH-6020P 50KMH-6120P 40KMH-6120P 50KMH-6220P 40KMH-6220P 50KMH-6320P 40KMH-6320P 50KMH-6420P 40KMH-6420P 50KMH-6420S P 40KMH-6420S P 50KMH) VehicleType configuration/IC Control Config (No-Yes) Base material color (color of peace of rear part of cab) (John Deere Premium green-John Deere Standard green) Wheel brand configuration (Trelleborg-Michelin-Mitas) Wheel configuration (Standard-Full rim-Wide-Wide full rim-Back twin wheels-Wide back twin wheels-Full rim back twin wheels-Full rim wide back twin wheels-Twin wheels-Wide twin wheels-Full rim twin wheels-Full rim wide twin wheels and just for Trelleborg and Michelin narrow wheels and narrow back twin wheels) Front Attacher configuration (Bracket-300kg-500kg-700kg-900kg-1000kg-Front hydraulic) Design configuration (Standard-StarFire3000) TLS configuration (No-Yes) Transmission configuration (PowerQuad-PowerQuad2-AutoQuad-AutoPower) Reverser configuration (Magnetic-Electric) Front loader configuration (Without-Stoll-Hauer-Aloe) Design color for Frontloader console) (Stole balck-John Deere green-Aloe black-Hauer black) Shield configuration (No-Yes) Steering knob configuration (No-Yes) Front worklights configuration (No-Square-Round) Front fenders configuration (No-Yes) Passenger seat configuration (No-Yes) Cabine box configuration (No-Yes) Beacons configuration (Standard-Left-Right-Both) Rearview mirror configuration (No-Yes) Doors configuration (Standard-Panoramic) Roof configuration (Standard-Panoramic) Bonnet lights configuration (Standard-All(Premium)) Cabine worklights configuration (Standard-Wide-Both) Stickers configuration (No-On bonnet-On backwindow-All) Rubbersteps configuraiton (No-Yes) Front window configuration (No-Yes) Cabine attacher controls configuration (Standard-Premium) Part on back of the cab configuration (No-Yes) Scripts: IC Control AddConfig Mod is full animated (Pedals, reverser, transmission, thorttles..) !!Log is clean and free of errors and mod is also tested on MP!! Credits:
MB3D Modelling and Udruzenje Nezavisnih Modera


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