This is still in BETA so please understand. ITS NOT DONE!

In saying that. Feel free to give me feedback so I can correct things.

Module builder, just replace the file in your original folder. No need for a new game will work with current savegame. Modules have tarps. Its nothing fancy by any means just a quick and simple edit to make it look better sitting in the field. There will be a module truck, were working on it bear with us. If you want to sell your modules they are sellable. I use the F11 developer tools mod and give my self strength and put them on a flat bed. Or you can disable the mod. Go back in and save without it in the folder then re add it as then it will do away witht he modules. However, you can edit the F11 money to the profits you desire, be patient the truck is coming.

Cotton Picker

Credits to Original Creators, Aaron Thom, Kevin Enfinger, Jake Ferguson for lighting.

This picker is still in Beta. Please Report any issues.

Dont like it dont use it.

Original Creators, Aaron Thom, Kevin Enfinger, Jake Ferguson

DOWNLOAD JD9970_4row.zip – 63.7 MB

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