HTZ 17022 V1.

Short description:
Plant manufacturer: HTZ
Model: 17022
Engine: ???
Price: 55,221 €
Engine power: 240 hp
Maximum speed: 40 km / h

There is a choice of tires – ROSAVA and Michelin, and the ability to install a pair.
Front grill color selection in black and blue.
The mod gets dirty / washed.
There is little wear.
Dynamic hoses.
On / off power take-off shaft (PTO)

The author of the model itself is Pavel Vakulov (T-150) Envelope from 17 to 19 – Alexey Egorov (- = F @ RMeR = -) The speculators helped – Alexander Isaev. Wheels were taken from HTZ 17221-21 (RusAgroTeh)


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