Holmfarming Map V 1.3

holmfarming (1)

holmfarming (2)

holmfarming (3)

holmfarming (4)


Version 1.3
(Version 1.0) Sheep potions (fixed) wall (texture changed) New: Pig (sales at the butcher) Cattle (sales at the butcher) Garden Center (the butcher / forestry camp) Construction (Age garden center point) (It only shows where I’m going to do what) Laundry on the farm workshop A few decorations

Hasco: Map Umbauer
Marhu & Mannie313 !: Watermod, milk trigger. Mapsiloband cattle / pig
Inerti: Real Night
martinbigM500: woodpile stock
Higgsterboss7: Timed controlled gate


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  1. Merhan says:

    Why slowly opens the maps.. .
    Wait 30 minutes to start playing..
    Please help mee…

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